Teaching [Chinese] in India


There is a move by a private foundation to introduce Mandarin to Indians in India. It is a bold initative and a very worthwhile and forward looking idea. It will be taught using language aids direct teaching methods and concentrated in rural areas first.
We are now looking for sponsors who see value in a captive market of over 1,000,000,000. Help us plant the seed now and reap the harvest in a short time for life. Chinese companies and individuals will see the benefit in taming the elephant or capturing it without a fight.
We need serious sponsors from manufacturers, publishers and simply philanthropically minded individuals.
Write in the first instance to the writer.


It is a good idea, but a difficult one. Chinese language is hard to learn.

A better idea will be to contact big Indian firms: Reliance, Mittal Steel, etc to have join business projects. Using Indian IT, finance expertise in Chinese manufacturing.


There are many Indian universities that are offering Chinese language classes. When I was lecturing at Amity University (Delhi) 3 years ago, I had discovered all their Chinese language classes were packed. Over 800 students were taking Chinese at Amity. The same story goes with Indian universities in Chennai, Jalandhar, and Pune. These Indian students seem to have a easier time learning Chinese than my American collegues in California.


Interesting response. We have received a total of over 3000 responses to date on this subject which is phenomenal. Most have come from sources outside this group. It is interesting because of the interest being show in the subject which is ‘teaching in India’. A place thats not immediately attractive to many. Must be a motivated crowd out there.

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  1. Ren YingXue says:

    wow~~I’m a chinese from Beijing,and I’m taking an internship in India this summer.it’s really interesting that someone try to introduce Mandarin to Indians~~
    what you’re doing is quiet attractive to me~~maybe there’s something i could help,i think~~

    connect me with [email protected] 🙂

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