Robert’s Steakhouse

2009-05-22 at Roberts waterRobert’s Steakhouse at the Penthouse doesn’t allow picture taking. So I could only sneak this one. Frank Bruni could get a girl. But, well, he works for the New York Times, you got the picture.

The food there was really wonderful, starting from the bread. The service, hmmmmmm … it’s a Friday before the Memorial Day weekend. The city was deserted except the sailors. We were being seated at the back. When I asked for the ringside table that has clear view of the dancers a floor below, the woman replied,
“We’re fully booked.”
My behind, not when the city looked like the Sahara Desert.
By the time we left, there was only one table was being taken by a four-some. The entire club was empty.
The porterhouse was excellent, burned to perfection. The chopped salad was good too.
After we finished the dinner, two girls came, inviting us to the sofa with more space. They, both were Eastern Europeans took turn to lap dance.
Yes, we couldn’t touch them, company policy.
One had implant.
“I was fat.” She explained.
“After losing 30 pounds, my boobs looked lose too. So I had them done.”
They lap danced half naked. They wore dresses that were easy to take just the top off.
After 2 songs, they persuaded us to convene to a private room.
Both of them would like to stay.
At $600 per hour per girl, we only took one.
We picked the sporty one with red T dress who’s all nature.
She told me that she designed the dress herself and had someone sew it for her.
She was sweet, somewhat generous and very talkative.
And pretty.
Except not being seated with a view over the stage, which was empty any way, it’s a great night.

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