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I’m all for the continuing education for each field. A while ago, I took the required course and took the exam to renew my license. The Cape School is the administrator for the exam. The Cape offers diversified fields: real estate, insurance, legal, CFP and funeral (ever saw the Six Feet Under?).

The office I chose to go was in downtown, near or on Broadway by Houston Street (or somewhere nearby). It felt like a start up: old office in an aging building, million layer of paints; few desks in a narrow room with few rooms next to it for exam. Both time I was the only one. Couple of uninspiring girls worked there.
I walked in. The receptionist asked to see my ID and took my payment. Then handed me the booklet and the answer sheet. Less than the fully allowed time I finished.
The receptionist put my answer sheet beneath a clear plastic sheet that had correct answers.
“Wait a second, I can grade you right away.”‘
“You failed. You can come back as early as tomorrow to retake it.”
I am not too smart, but have enough brain to pass the exam. I’m at least confident in my ability to do limited things.
But, whatever.
So after my second try that failed again. I asked for a supervisor.
“She isn’t available.”
The atmosphere was pretty nasty.
“Ok, here is my phone number and please have your supervisor call me as soon as possible. If I don’t hear from her or him, I’ll call else.”
Sure enough a woman called the following day.
“I’m so sorry that my staff made a mistake. …” She used the wrong plastic sheet.
WELL, although I’m all for the continuing education, but I just hate to have to deal with these incompetent middle men. … but envy their ability to become the middle men.

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