Parking All Night at Bethpage, Hoping to Drive

Are the golf players nuttier than tennis players? Waiting all night for the chance to play the pristine course that Tiger would trudge the following day?
Tiger Woods freshly off his last win at Memorial yesterday and he’s out there at the Bethpage black today. Talking about work ethic. Billy Schwafel, a Long Island local caddied for him.

Many golfers have commented that the Bethpage black is the most magnificent course out there.
And it’s a public course.
How cool and neat.
Only in New York.
I’ll be dragged out there next Wednesday: DQ invited eight of us to go. Golfer couldn’t. Not sure DQ gets this: What does she think Golfer picks up golf in the first place? … To get away from his wife … ha ha ha ha…
Thank lord Golfer isn’t coming. He just made me watched part of 2002 championship.
and said that
“I’ll make you walk the entire 18 holes.” IF he were to go.
Lord, please don’t go 🙂 I hate walk.
I’m reading on the golf etiquette so I won’t be an embarrassment to my gangs out there.
Lectured The Met Golfer:

… Cheering and clapping: definitely. Heckling (even of Sergio): don’t do it.

ha ha ha ha…

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