Driving Miss Daisy

My children are coming of age. So different solicitations arrive at our mailbox often.
Our local adult education program runs driving course for high schoolers. The program cost $545, includes:
Part I of 16 sessions of theory
Part II of 16 sessions of driving that divided into
– 24 hours of classroom instruction/homework/project/driving instruction
– 6 hours behind wheels
– 18 hours in the vehicle as an observer

Intuitively I feel this program is milking: haven’t our kids observed enough, since day 2 when they’re out of the hospital? I think the actual driving is much better way to prepare a newbie driver. I’d rather see 18 hrs behind the wheels.

The program went on to say that successful candidates

will receive a Student Certificate of Completion (MV285), which includes an insurance premium reduction certificate. Plus passing the road test, 1 17-year-old is eligible for a regular senior license and 16-year old is for a junior license only. Without a stat-approved driver eduction program, a regular senior license is not issued until the age of 18.

I’ll have to say that many such programs are bogus.
I used to diligently attending the defense-driving program, in order to reduce auto insurance premium. The last instructor was pretty funny. But the videos they showed at all class were resoundingly out of date, making me wonder why someone’s just luckier than the rest of us, knew the way to profit from the government? This someone or the middle men has to have connection to be approved. They all seemed to share the same old, out of dated videos.
Over the years, don’t technology improve? Shouldn’t the defense-driving course reflect that?
Flushing has better one: you don’t even have to attend, save a precious 6 hours. Just show me the money and you’ll get your certificate in the mail.

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