French naked ..

Naked good looking young women on the beach, with nice size of boobs. No, their breasts are beautiful.

Human body itself is an art. And it subject to each individual’s taste. Beautiful in my eye might be an eyesore in another’s.

I met a young girl Sylvia from Paris in London few centuries ago. So the next year when I decided to spend a summer in Paris, of course I looked her up. She didn’t have a boy friend but her sister did. On the first weekend in Paris, the b/f drove us to a beach. It was very private, only few sunbathers were around. And of course they were all starkly naked.
The sister took out the towel and her top immediately came off.
Sylvia took off her t-shirt and left her bikini on.
Guess it was my turn. I looked up, down, right and left.
I had one-piece bathing suit on and I wasn’t going to take any of it off.
The boy friend laughed his head off.
“I thought we were going to swim here.”
He laughed even harder, telling Sylvia ..
“Your Chinese friend is really shy.”
One piece bathing suit can be a life saver, trust me.

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