Chow Yun-Fat is to star as Confucius in a state-backed film to mark the 60th anniversary of Communist rule [Oct 1949 – ] in October. A recent book about Confucius’ teachings has sold more than 10 million copies [in China].

They have a little money to go around so they are looking for a finishing school for its citizens?

Chow Yun-Fat – 周潤發; 周润发; Zhou Runfa is one of my favored actors. Just look at his name, there are few versions: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and pinyin. All the roads lead to Rome?

I read few comments for James Reynolds’ posting on Confucius’s 三人之行必有我师 .. I have to agree with the two commenters’ view below. I feel strongly it’s not just lost in translation. It’s lost who’s translating it. Most people without profound understanding of his/her own culture and the other one – even they speak the language, should refrain his/her-self from messing around with masters’ works, or pretend to be the experts when they are indeed not. Living in China or speak Chinese, doesn’t automatically give you the license as China hand. And ‘China hand‘ has been too liberally overused.

6. At 2:32pm on 20 Mar 2009, XunFang wrote:
‘When three people travel together, one must be the teacher.'”

I think a more accurate translation would be ? If three people who ?travel? through their life journey together, then one can always learn certain beneficial philosophy from another.

It teaches us to always be humble to learn from others.

By translating word by word from Chinese to English will not always show a phrase?s in depth meaning.

9. At 2:56pm on 20 Mar 2009, surfactant wrote:

“When three people travel together, one must be the teacher.” This is not a good translation for “人之行必有我师” Literally it says “When several people are walking together, there must be one who can be my teacher (one of them is bound to be good enough to act as my teacher)”. It means “we can always learn from others”, or “everyone has his merit worthy learning from”. “三” in this sentence doesn’t mean “exactly three”, but “several”.

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