The Chinese grass root associations on WS

There are many, way to many Chinese groups. The few below are just related to Wall Street or finances in New York:
The Asian Financial Society (AFS), founded in 1984
The Chinese Financial Association (TCFA)
Chinese Finance Society (CFS) by Li Shanquan
Wall Street Ren; It’s own home page doesn’t work (at this writing); claim to be snobbish
Many more I don’t know.

Done right, these clubs are very useful and powerful – pretty lame.

Why can’t we unit, consolidate force and forming a stronger voice? Everyone wants to be a club head. To some unsophisticated outsiders, it has twing effect, glorious, a president of a Wall Street association, gets to be invited, for example by the Chinese consulate. In fact, everyone could claim to be a president.

When the grass root association formed, it usually short lived, because it got hijacked by someone. Club needed people and people have their own ideas and agendas and sometimes they conflict with the goals or by-laws of the club.

The majority of the people who belong to a fin club are still building their careers, needing to expand their networking horizon. People like Li Shanquan who’s pretty much made had quitted the club he co-founded because he has no need and no more stomach to tolerant these selfish nonsense people. People swarm to him for his presence/advice/favor. Actually this kind of people is exactly appropriated to head the club, well spoken and respected. If I have to name my fetish, it has to be the voice and diction. They have the influence, very much in demand and with resources; and trust me, they generally get along with everyone – others would be less critical. But more often than not, less qualified people would be seeking the position.

I wasn’t the only one who invited Shanquan to the CBN. For one he’s popular and for 2 there are too many similar clubs that seeking the same sought after people in the same pool.

The same goes with our recreational groups, for example the tennis association. The recent election resulted to someone I thought is perfect, a well-liked figure. Someone with the ability to organize couple of tourneys doesn’t mean he or she is ready to be the head. The organizer is good to work for the skipper. Think about it, when it’s time for the fundraising, would you be able to do it? Would you be able to purchase the tables and fill the banquet hall? Many presidents of the largest universities are measured, largely on their ability to attract endowments.

Many people don’t really know their position in the world. That’s very sad.

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