Inviting your ex to the wedding

Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault‘s wedding has Hayek’s ex Edward Norton in attendance, and Bruce Willis and Emma Heming‘s wedding with Demi Moore in attendance. I thought Heming looks bit like Moore. ..

Once, on separate occasion I asked two friends who got divorced and their exs had since remarried if they had gone to the wedding, or being invited. They all looked at me as a stranger, and explained that
“Irene, in America, we don’t go to our exs’ wedding.”
I must looked lost. One went on to say ..
“If I were invited, I won’t feel comfortable there.”
Ok, I wasn’t born or grew up here, but we, as humans are all made equal in a sense that we all know a promise is a promise. And granted, that time changes and circumstance changes, and the two partners might not be in sync any more. But could they remain cordial and on friendly terms? After all, this was the person you chose to spend your lifetime with, at least initially. There must had been something worth to celebrate and remember?

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