Working Girl

Julissa Brisman, the Internet masseuse, and Philip Markoff, the craigslist killer, the story is dominating the news.

A gorgeous New York model who doubled as an Internet masseuse was shot dead at a posh Boston hotel – and cops think her killer struck before.
“It [stinks] that someone so young and so pretty could be killed like that.”

Condolence to the Brisman family, but why the young and pretty couldn’t be killed? Death is only for us, the old and unattractive?


Call them what you like: Working Girls, call girls, escorts, hookers, prostitutes, 妓女 jinu, dirty girls, comfort women, mistress, concubine, sugar baby, courtesan, masseusers, models and actresses .. .. the euphemism for the world oldest profession are wide and internet has made the hook up much easier. I feel no matter what one does for a living, being a escort or athlete or CEO, it is the person who comes before and defines the profession. Coco Chanel built her empire on the men she was involved with and dare I say that the most politicians are whores? What about Pamela Churchill Harriman?

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