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Richard Blumenthal of CT is an opportunist and idiot. He couldn’t stop crime on the main streets, so he takes on craigslist, the obvious target or villain in his eyes at the moment. Connecticut might have the highest hedge funds but they voted in an inept attorney general. Thought of Eliot Spitzer. Although he earned a name for fighting white collar crime on Wall Street, but I still think he waged the wrong wars: less than stellar number of convictions showed he was an opportunist and egomaniac. Just because the economy is bad and everyone blames Wall Street, doesn’t make Spitz’s actions as NY’s AG right.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on Wednesday called on Craigslist to stop what he calls “pimping and prostitution in plain sight.” He asked the site to immediately eliminate photographs in the “erotic services” section, hire staff to screen images and ads that violate the site’s terms of service and fine those who violate those terms.

But Craigslist’s CEO, Jim Buckmaster, said criminals who use the site are virtually guaranteed to get caught because they leave electronic trails that are easily traced.

“So don’t use Craigslist for crime unless you want to go to jail,” he said Wednesday in an interview from San Francisco, where the company is based.

Buckmaster said there have been billions of interactions on Craigslist and added “compared to human society as a whole the risks of Craigslist are low, but they’re not zero.”

There are auto accidents on the road every day, should we close down the highways?

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