First Lady in Control of Building Her Image

I’m no fan of Michelle Obama, but I like the Obamas so far.

Is it a true love that they deserve (for being a brilliant president and first lady) or desperate hope from the dogs in the water that the Obamas will pull us out of this wrack, this dicey situation?

I enjoyed seeing that the Obamas dwarfed the Royals and other head of states – perhaps I’m short. I liked the fact that Michelle insisted on choosing her own dress and hairdresser for the Vogue’s March cover. The Americans are too made up that they are losing it out to the Europeans: few stars across the pond who pose on the cover of Elle without make-up. I was dumbfounded few weeks ago to hear that Jennifer Aniston‘s hair-raising $50000 hair-do expenses in London. That’s a news? Noooo. Granted, it’s her money or her sponsor’s, but it was in such bad taste, especially during such lousy economy. For one, who actually cared about Jen? Brad dumper her for Angie doesn’t give her the right to be in the news every day. And the media shouldn’t be the arbiter in a couple’s relationship. Jen bears as much fault as Brad for their failed marriage.

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