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This pic was taken back in 2009 (April 22?), I think was at NYU, New York University. The February 14 2003 Rolling Stone issue has an article, The rape of petty officer Blumer. From this article, I watched The Invisible War, a documentary of females being raped in the military.

Injustice or an orgy isn’t for me to judge. What strikes me the most, were couple of vivid moments I couldn’t shake off:
.. a girl/woman said she chose military bec she wanted to see the world (a rather common sentiment among the girls being interviewed in the doc) – she’s from a small town in FL and took the plane for the first time when she joined the army at age of 18.
.. the devotion/consideration they have for the unit they’re in, camaraderie, be a man .. etc.
Maybe just because I had to forfeit a court in the Long Island league, it made me more appreciative of the military’s characters.

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