Will you hire him?

A Shanghai lawyer posted this monthly salon gathering, for networking and exchange ideas at 100 RMB per head.


时间: 2009年5月9日,星期六,2:00-5:00
地点:xx, 上海市静安区xx 路xx 号(近xx路)
入场费 100元,(未确认者120元)
联系电话:xx xx

主办 《xx xx 报》
《xx xx》杂志社
中国xx xx 网
上海xx xx律师事务所


1、2:00-2:30pm 认识新朋友
2、2:30- 3:00pm 1分钟自我介绍 (限15名)
3:3:00——3:30pm“海外坏账追收与预防” 讲座及提问
主讲人: xxx 上海 xx 律师事务所涉外法律部主任
美国 xx xx & xx, LLP 中国法律顾问

如果您希望参加该沙龙,请于5月8日前发送EMAIL到 [email protected] 确认。

Shanghai Business & Law Salon

Time: 2:00- 5:00pm ,Saturday, May 9,2009
Venue: xx, xxx xx Road, Shanghai
Host: Shanghai xx xx Law Office

Contact info:
Phone: 0086-xx xx
Email: [email protected]

Shanghai Business & Law Salon is monthly-held social networking event which intends to provide an effective platform for both Chinese and foreign businessmen in Shanghai to Communicate and cooperate. In particular, Each Salon will invite some legal experts to deliver a presentation about some legal issue; all participants are entitled to free basic legal advice provided by legal experts invited by the Salon. Salon Language is English and Chinese.

The agenda of the event:
Start from 2:00PM
1. 2:00-2:30 pm Knowing New Friends
2. 2:30-3:00 pm 1 min. broadcasting (limited by 15 people only)
3. 3:00-3:30pm presentation; Q&A
Subject: Collection and Prevention of International overdue Account
*Speaker: xxxx
Director of Dept of Foreign Affairs, Shanghai xx Law office
Of Counsel of xx xx & xx, LLP
4. 3:30-5:00pm Social networking

Please confirm your attendance before May 8 by sending an Email to [email protected] with the subject “Confirm Attendance”.
Entrance fee: 100 RMB
(without confirmation 120 RMB)

认识新朋友, which translates into Knowing New Friends is fine but kind of amateurish – 丢手绢游戏 we played in the kindergarten or what …, and 自我介绍 into broadcasting is down right laughable.

I don’t presume my writing either in Chinese or English is impeccable – actually far from it, but it only because I write for my own amusement. Should I draft something more serious, I sure would get it double checked and edited.

IMHO, lawyers, foremost are professional writers.
Just wondering what kind of American law firm (United States Lawyer Rankings, The Nation’s Top Lawyers – 2009 Edition) would hire him? Not all lawyers are made equal so are law firms. Pretty lame 🙂

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2 Responses to Will you hire him?

  1. Dear Irene Eng,

    Unfortunately, I am the “Shanghai Lawyer” you talk about; however I have to point out such conduct is totally wrong morally and legally.

    I am not interested to comment your language ability; and I have no time to discuss the appropriateness of the terms you mentioned. Nonetheless, I kindly suggest you consult a lawyer before posting such kind of articles.

    I hereby request you to delete the article, eliminate ill effects, and extend a formal apology as soon as possible. Otherwise I preserve all rights to protect my reputation from any unlawful attack no matter whom you are, where you are based and where the web server is located.

    Yours faithfully,

    Shen, Linchang
    “Shanghai Lawyer”

    Cell phone: 0086-15000355201

  2. Oliver says:

    good event,

    can you add some investment promotion activity for some economic development zone.


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