Renda 2008 New Year dinner

We had our Chunjie (Spring Festival) dinner at Ocean Jewels Restaurant 敦城 Duncheng,
133-30 39th Avenue
Flushing, NY 11355

It has bit above average table setting and the food is not bad. One of the private rooms is nice, real room that could comfortably accommodate 4 tables with $400 per table minimum. Since we didn’t have that many people, so I reserved the small alcove right to the entrance. I left $200 deposit and the manage gave me a receipt.
I liked the restaurant. The little chopstick rester is a nice touch. The table settings are better. The waiting staff are all seem take a shower before showing up to work; and are better looking than average.
Once I had lunch there with a girl friend. An old lady came over to sell the stuffed eggplant dim sum. We took one. A moment late, she came back with stuffed pepper. We teased her that the eggplants didn’t taste right. To our surprise (and horror) she took the dish that still had two un-touched eggplants back and replaced it with the green pepper. We looked at each other, no pleased. It’s not ethical.
We were only joking.
And wondering, had we been getting the same?
One of the managers looked on and said nothing.
I really hoped the manager would come over say something to the lady.
On the Friday night before the dinner, the manager called me to say that since we’ve ordered cheap banquet set, he would gave the two-table bay area to someone who ordered more expensive dinner. I was at a party and hardly could talk. I just said fine.
How odd.
How lucky I kept the receipt, cause I generally throw things away immediately, or don’t really look what I sign/buy.
When I arrived at the restaurant that night, I found the little bay was decorated to the T. Someone must have paid top dollar for it. There was a menu posted on the wall, $500 per table. I only ordered the $288 set dinner.
The receptionist told me that the little bay wasn’t for us.
I took out the receipt. It was written $200 deposit and ‘Bay area’.
The female manager honored it unwillingly.
The dinner went without further glitch. But I won’t not go back there again.


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