The making of a biographic book

The Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff had met his subject, Rupert Murdoch in a technology conference in CA in 2002. He and a few attendees asked Murdoch if he’d join them for a drink, which led to a dinner and “chatting for several hours.” In the summer of 2007, Wolff wrote for Vanity Fair about the Dow Jones takeover. One of his colleagues saw the possibility of a book. Within a week in August, his agent helped shape a proposal, conducted an auction and scored him a publisher. With a research assistant, Wolff traveled far and interviewed many people, has 50+ hours recorded interviews with Murdoch alone. It had taken Wolff 12 months from the start to finish this book, which went on sale in bookstores on December 2, 2008.
The book has no footnotes but endnotes, bibliography and index. Few major outlets have reviewed the book:

The New York Times, by David Carr (who’s been mentioned once in the book)
The Los Angeles Times, by Timothy Rutten
Guardian/The Observer, by Peter Preston

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