A contemporary composer

We went to an amateur concert with Lee and Frank in Port Washington. It’s in the memory of Ouida Mintz who wrote a book recounting her friendship with Bernstein.

Among dozen performers, there was this blonde young composer Jane Leslie who played her own pieces, Dreamsong was written in 1992 and Joy was from last month. Surprisingly, they were good, light, watery but pleasing. We left right after the intermission, so didn’t get a chance to hear what Lee’s critiques of the players. Perhaps she’s part of the scene, we always get informed by her of those little known concerts near by. Some were very enjoyable, like couple of summers ago a benefactor in town held a recital for an up and coming young Juilliard pianist at her home, completed with light buffet and delicious wines … great company and marvelous music.

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  1. Jerry Mintz says:

    This got to me third hand, but of course, we organized the Ouida Mintz Concert, and Jan was a good friend of my mother’s.

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