Smart marketing, and US journalists expelled ….

A friend shared this Corona Virus photo the other day. I collaged it with my grocery shopping and posted in my WeChat. A few friends asked, “Are you serious? … someone actually call their product virus?”

Yes dear, indeed. It’s only marketing and they’re not alone.

Erlenmeyer flask or conical flask was invented in 1860 by the German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer (1825–1909), which is widely used in chemistry and bio laboratories. I’ve never tied this brand of vodka. According to this 2015 review, it’s good for mixer and was about $20 a bottle – about half the price of Grey Goose.

It’s rather a smart marketing, when everything else fails. Which made me think of two popular perfumes: YSL Opium in 1977 and Christian Dior’s Poison in 1985. I used both but still love Chanel’s No. 5 the best. And Nicole Kidman’s ad still is the best.

… And brings me to think about the recent controversy on WSJ’s China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia on Feb 3, 2020. People, pls, get real and smart. Read more and … as I’m writing this, NYT reports, China said it would expel American journalist working for the NYT and WSJ …

几天前一蜜分享了这个新冠病毒的照片。 今天买完菜就用上了。 结果几个朋友问 “当真吗? 怎么会有人叫自己的产品病毒?。。。”

是真的。 我没有喝过 看评论这个伏特加没有什么卖点 只能用在鸡尾酒掺着喝。比灰鹅便宜一半左右。锥形瓶大概是最好的卖点。1977 YSL 用鸦片命名他们的一款香水 Dior 1985 用 毒药 – 语不惊人死不休 市场推广。这二个香水比较浓 还是 香奈儿的五号最好。

俺刚刚想说 回起二月初华尔街 东亚病夫的文章 一些人是不是心虚 反应过分了 。。。 结果就看到一大堆美国记者被 expel 驱逐出境。

弯回厨房 继续围着炉台转

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