To renew a passport

It’s an ordeal, when online is NOT an option but phone line is effective.

First, you’ve to mail it Priority Mail which costs $7.50, as per my post office. Second, you need to pay with a check. Or money order, etc.

A few days later, a white letter-size envelope arrived. It felt hard and stiff. “Oh … so quick …”

Unfortunately, my application was rejected due to photo. The second return was due to lack of payment. The third was the check bounced … because of this, I’ve to send in a money order or certified check.

The mailman, initially didn’t want to sell me the MO because he said, the amount is NOT correct … even after I told him, it is with a penalty.

Today, my new pp arrived. Not too happy because I spot this real news …

⇐ in short: this person has burned his green card and waiting to 泅渡 submerge back to China bec US is in such terrible shape, that cannibalism is in wide spread … white people are holding their bibles and howling…

我更新护照的一段 磨难艰辛里程
二月下旬 心血来潮 填表更新还没有到期的护照

邮局叔叔看看地址说 “需要用Priority Mail 优先邮件”
俺的预算也就 $1.2 …
大叔说 “$7.50”

硬邦邦的 …

第二次退 是没有附上支票
打电话 … 真有人听 … 说 “你记录差 只能去邮局或者银行买汇票” + $25 惩款

邮局大叔说 “你更新护照?不是这个数目 …”
邮局闲得慌 怎么管得这么多?

像犯人一样的照片 $8.50
邮费 $16+
惩款 $25
看来下个月的房租是没戏了 …

千辛万苦 今天破护照终于到了
但是 … 也看到了 3⃣️
得 … 欲哭无泪
啥也不说了 去练习游泳吧 -> 泅渡太平洋

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