Why are we so insecure?

WSJ published an op by Walter Russell Mead, titled China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia. All hell broke out, within, Chinese groups. Someone is going as far as to rally people to sign a White House petition, asking WSJ to apologize. link

First, it’s just one mans opinion in a free press newspaper. Please don’t be so insecure and overreacting.

Second, Mr. President is very busy. He just shakes off the impeachment and is facing reelection, among many agendas.

Thirdly, why don’t you write a resounding rebuttal?

Fourthly, why do we feel the need of an apology?

U.S. cyclists arrived in Beijing in 2008 with face mask. You asked them to apprize, instead to make the air quality sweeter to breathe. My heart went out to these athletes. You inflicted your insecurity on a group of innocent people.

Sun Yang was banned in 2014 by Chinese Swimming Association and was called a drug cheat by an Aussie, Mack Horton in 2016. And you demanded an apology. The Aussies refusedflatly. As a footnote, two years later, it was alleged that he and his team used hammer to smash vials of blood samples in front to anti-doping testers.

A sportscaster describes a Chinese female swimming to have a great start but finished short, by saying went out like stink, died like a pig. Of course Chinese thought Byron MacDonald called their girl smelly and pig, therefore demanded an apology and received one. Really, like stink means very fast. Really?

I feel, an apology should be offered, to show the sincerity, not demanded. I guess China has one advantage that the most counties do, is they have 1.4 billion people. One percent of them decide to gang up on you, it’s a lot to deal with.

Did you like the kid who always cries when he or she doesn’t get what s/he wants, or running away from the play, “I’m going to tell my mom”? I didn’t. Did you? So please do not do that. And learn a little English. If I could understand a, b, c, so could you. Come on, sick man of … means that country’s economy was or is in a bad shape. Wikipedia says it goes back to 1853 and sick man of Europe first appeared in 1860 on the NYT. And many countries were called ‘sick man’ after. Just google sick man of Europe, there are about ten articles after 2002. So why are we so petulant about being called sick man? … Unless you really think you’re sick. Am I right?

This brings another question, what did we do wrong, to be so insecure? Did you hear IBM’s next CEO, effective in April, is an Indian. Can we please work toward one simple goal, like, to put a Chinese in a fortune 100 soon? Stop being so petty. Getting a seat closer to the chairman is not like being the chairman.




首先,这只是自由新闻报纸上一个人的意见。 请不要这么没有安全感和反应过度。

第二 总统先生很忙。刚刚摆脱弹劾,面临连任竞选。可能帮不到你。





一位体育节目主持人形容中国女子游泳比赛有个不错的开端,但烂尾: went out like stink, died like a pig。 中国人认为称他们的女选手臭又猪,因此要求道歉。道歉是并得到了。但是真的,like stink 意思是非常快 不是说她臭味。


还记得我们小时候和别人玩,总是有小孩没有得到自己想要的东西时哭泣,或者跑去 “我要告诉妈妈”?你老哭 谁还愿意和你玩呀? 因此,请不要这样做。另外学一点英语。如果我能学点a,b,c,那么您也可以。‘病夫’指的是该国的经济状况不佳。维基百科说它可以追溯到1853年。‘欧洲的病夫’第一次出现在1860年的纽约时报(NYT)上。之后,许多国家被称为“病夫”。仅谷歌 ‘欧洲病夫’,2002年以后大约有十篇文章。那么,为什么我们一被叫‘病夫’就这么敏感呢? …除非您真的有病。

这就带来了另一个问题,我们做错了什么,变得如此缺乏信心?您是否听说IBM的下一任首席执行官又是一位印度人 – 反正我的双手是数不过来了。我们能否朝着一个简单的目标努力,例如尽快使中国人领衔一个100强的公司?别这么小家气, 老浪费时间搞些无用功的事。好像在‘东京审判’里 让座位更靠近主席 丢人不?为什么不想着怎么当主席那?

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