Margaret Chung 张玛珠

The spellings of 张: Zhang, Chang, Cheung and now Chung:

Lady Chung (1889-1959) was someone special, very special. Her life story is worthy of several books:

  • she was the oldest of eleven children
  • she began to support her family and raise her sibling since ten
  • she won many speech awards – OMG
  • she was the first known female Chinese to attend a medical school
  • … and obviously the first female Chinese medical doctor in US, in 1916
  • … being the only woman in her class, she called herself ‘Mike’
  • … how a female, gay, Chinese physician find a job in US …
  • Madame Jiang 宋美齡 got the most credit for the Flying Tiger but it was Dr. Chung who secretly recruited the pilots who jokingly called themselves the “Mom Chung’s Fair-Haired Bastard Sons”
  • oh, among her sons, were Ronald Reagan …
  • she was an army surgeon
  • … and her sons bought her a house after WWII
  • Chester W. Nimitz was one of her sons and pallbearers

RIP Margaret and thank you so much!

张玛珠(1889-1959)是一位非常特别的人。 她的人生故事值得几本书:

  1. 她出生于加州 是11个孩子中最大的
  2. 从十岁开始,她开始养家糊口,抚养弟妹。
  3. 她赢得了许多演讲奖-OMG
  4. 她是第一个进入医学院学习的华裔女性 毕业于1916年
  5. …而且显然是在美国第一位华裔女医
  6. …是班上唯一的女人,她称自己为“迈克”
  7. … 一位女性同性恋华裔医师如何在美国找到工作…
  8. 宋美龄夫人因“飞虎队”而获得最多的赞誉,但张医生偷偷招募了飞行员,他们开玩笑地称自己为“妈妈张的混蛋儿子“
  9. 哦,在她的儿子中,有里根总统…
  10. 她是一名军医
  11. 第二次世界大战后,她的儿子们给她买了房子
  12. 她过世于旧金山
  13. 切斯特·尼米兹(Chester W.Nimitz)是她的儿子和护柩者之一


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