Tokyo Trial 东京审判

Tokyo Trial was the military trial (imtfe) held from 1946 to 48 in Tokyo (immediately after the Nuremberg trials from 1945 to 46), to determine the fate of Japanese war criminals during WWII.

I first watched the 4-part tv mini series (东京裁判) by Netflix, which is centered on the eleven judges, their struggles, understanding and application of the laws. Japan’s NHK made the proposal of the series, was listed with USA as country of origin, whichever that mean. It premiered in 2016, and is the best movie/tv series I’ve seen in 2019, for the many questions and point of views it asked and stated, even I feel Japan is trying to wash herself clean. The 11 nations were

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Netherlands
  5. Australia
  6. India
  7. Canada
  8. China
  9. New Zealand
  10. Soviet Union
  11. Philippines


  1. The Chinese judge 梅汝璈 was portrayed the poorest. He didn’t get to speak at all. The only two occasions he spoke, one was him arguing that he should be sitting next to the president of the tribunal, and second miss him wife and family – how petty!!
  2. The Americans and the Brit, basically dictated … Not to mention Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who needed the emperor to achieve his goal, therefore, he said, the emperor would not be tried. A small question, couldn’t they pick a better actor to play MacArthur?
  3. The Russian general who was the only one with an interpreter, was the funniest guy around. But he didn’t have opinions unless it was ok’ed by Joe Stalin.
  4. The Aussie was the president. He was too liberal, got kicked off … but eventually returned to preside till the end.
  5. The Dutch … faced pressure from his superior who asked him to kiss up to the powers of the day … basically US and UK to curry favors …
  6. The Frenchy was a sissy, agreeable.
  7. The Filipino was fine, go with the flow
  8. The Indian was the most interesting, even that made him an odd ball: he strongly opposed the criminal charges, arguing the aggression of war was NOT a crime; and after the conclusion of the trail, he visited Japan four times, and visited the criminals in prison. Oh well.

I found a movie of the same name by googling 东京审判 (东京裁判 will return Japanese sites …) 1 hour 47 min long, made in 2006 by Film Bureau State Admin of Radio Film & TV. For the first 15 minutes of the movie, it was the Chinese judge arguing his seating with the chief judge (president). I couldn’t watch it any more. Unbelievably petty. Had the writer and director gone mad?


东京裁判 (Tokyo Trial) 是紧接着纽伦堡审判后的二战军事法庭, 判决日本战犯。

东京裁判迷你剧是2016年上映的由NHK日本放送協会提议,围绕着11个审判官, 他们对法律的理解和运用: 怎么判决那些日本战犯.  剧中有非常多的好又尖锐的问题 值得我们深思. 觉得应该是今年看过最好的影视片。不足的是中国法官梅汝璈只有2次出声的机会: 1次是争座位 (真够无聊的) 另一次是想家了。 我又羡慕妒忌了: 小日本可以制作出这么高水平的剧替自己洗白.

看完后余兴未完 手痒 … 在网上找到2006年国内拍的电影 ‘东京审判’. 一小时47分长 但是开始的前15分钟几乎都是梅汝璈在争座位 要从第三换到第二 不给就回家. 简直不能相信会有这样无聊少智的 编剧 导演 … 不知道梅/编/导有没有想过 这不是勇敢 不是赢 … 相比之下 2016的片实在是高出很多 … 无语


我也查了一些中文的: 38分钟长由石凉讲述的审判 (这里是溥仪上厅佐证)  … 相比之下 还是迷你剧比较好. 中国拍不出高质量的剧或者写不出值得尊重的书 世人怎么会理解?


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