Are the knights of 9/11 heroes?

Who’s he (wiki & zh wiki) and what does “spend ¥1 and come in…” mean? Like a peepshow at Amsterdams or former Times Square in New York?

On top of his Weibo, are prices: ¥388, ¥688, ¥988 for various services.

… and there is this post, asking, if “911的那些英雄们, 算不算侠客?” Google translates to “are the heroes of 9/11 heroes?”

Is he kidding???

Reading through a few of his recent posts, I think the ‘heroes” he meant the hijackers. I looked him up, he’s Beijing University’s professor.

接受再教育时间:请问 “大家快来花1元围观” 是啥东东?


好奇 … 找到这个孔老二后人的微博. 顶上是

普通问答388元,私信咨询688元,复杂问题和文章辅导988元!… 加入劝学群或报名人民研究生,…,让知识有价!”

世界小 但是奇人怪事 日日不断

阿姆斯特丹的红灯区也是便宜 丢点钱就可以进去看美眉 … 纽约以前在时代广场也有,丢钱就可以进去看美女 [呲牙] 特此小怀念一下


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