Listen, Amex

Amex sent me this love note, asking if I didn’t verify my User ID or reset the password, then I call them immediately at 1-800-297-1234.

I didn’t change so I called.

The automated female voice is lovely but it did nothing to address my need: there isn’t an option for me to choose from and when I said fraud, repeatedly, she answers, I don’t understand. When I said, “representative,” she’ll say I need more information from you

After 10 minutes, a rep finally took the call.

Please, give me, the average consumers, a good reason to help you. Like, clickable Yes and No imbedded in the email so we could easily letting you know? Time is money right? And provides us with a more appropriate and responsive phone system … 1-800-297-1234 is clearly not for this kind of call.

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