Wallace n Clinton and 9/11

pub in 2004, won 2005 Pulitzer Prize

Ghost Wars was published by Steve Coll in 2004, and won 2005 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction. It would be an older book, kind of, in 2019. But nevertheless, I’m  glad that I began to read.

9/11 was a wake up call.

On page 245, Coll  wrote, (James, Jr.) Woosley who the CIA director but had never met with the ex-president who appointed him. Because Clinton and his team was so keen on the domestic politics (Yeltsin was a friend of U.S. and not too touch on China …). This, brought me the memory of that 2006 interview on Fox News by Chris Wallace, that had everyone talking, including President Bush (at the time) and Mrs. Clinton. ( NYTimes; Rose; The Path to 9/11.)

Chris Wallace

The Host Wallace asked Clinton if he had done enough during his presidency on terrorism, to everyone’s surprise (including Wallace), Mr. Clinton jumped out of his seat (almost) and pointed his finger forcefully to say otherwise, looking like someone being hit on the spot, wounded and is fighting back.

At time of watching it, I thought, oh, Wallace must have hit a home run, to elicit such reaction from his interviewee. Later, Mrs. Clinton defended her husband… and was nominated to run for President of the US by the Democratic Party in 2016 … which brings me to think of, Jenny Sanford (who was clearly more dignified) and Silda Wall Spitzer. Being one of the 99%er, I couldn’t fathom the saying that marriage should be operated, and disagree that a person should be elected only base on the gender. We should elect a qualified person. Navies, maybe but don’t we live by our own principal?

文盲说书: 婚姻不该经营



在书的第245页,科尔写道,沃斯利是中央情报局局长,但从未见过任命他的前总统, 因为克林顿和他的团队如此热衷于国内政治(叶利钦是美国的朋友而且对中国不太感兴趣…).这让我想起了2006年福克斯新闻的克里斯华莱士采访克林顿的回忆 – 一个让所有人都在谈论,包括布什总统(当时)和克林顿夫人。
主持人华莱士问克林顿,在他期间 是不是对恐怖主义防范做得不够。 让所有人都感到惊讶(包括华莱士),克林顿(差不多)跳出座位,用手指大力指责说不是 – 那画面至今难忘。要是没有被击中要害 有何必这么激动?克林顿夫人也出来为她的丈夫辩护… 后来,她成为2016年民主党的总统竞选候选人. 这让我想起了珍妮桑福德(Jenny Sanford 显然更有尊严)和Silda Wall Spitzer。 作为99%群人之一,我无法理解婚姻应该被经营的说法。做人需要有尊严。

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