The presidential scholars

Since 1964 (, each year the brightest high schoolers in the nation get to visit White House and the president, to honor their achievements. Among 161 kids in 2019, I counted 50 Asian-ish last names (36 Chinese). I think it’s a lot given our small percentage as whole in the U.S. (Forbes; FB and more fm

A Chinese friend shared this photo (I didn’t verify), with the caption: … 71 years old president stands while the 18 years olds are seated. If you don’t know China, you won’t see the reason. I thought of Karamay fire in 1994 that killed 325, of which 288 were kids: when the fire broke out, students n teachers were told to sit still, so the CPC officials could escape first, which is widely known in Chinese as 认领导先走. I thought of World Cup 2018, when Putin was the only one had an umbrella, while Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović n Macron were drenched… and Putin complained in 2008 that people (the developed countries) think they just climbed down from tress, and still have the dirt. To that, I’ll say, you know what Putin, you’re still on the tree.


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