$11M to say they’re not racists

A black student at Oberlin College in Ohio stole from Gibson’s Bakery and got caught, in 2016. The son of the white owner chased the student out of the store but two other black students ganged up on him …

It looked like a simple shoplift event turned into a racism, encouraged by Dean Meredith Raimondo who joined the students in protesting, claiming the bakery had a history of racism.

All the Gibsons ever wanted was for the truth to come out!”

When Oberlin refused to apologize the father and son took them to court in 2017.

Interesting. I know Oberlin from my genealogy research. … Now the jury awarded the Gibons $11 million. What’s more interest, the vice president Donica Thomas Varner said the school stands by Dean Meredith Raimondo …

白人店主抓黑人小偷, 被骂歧视并遭疯狂抵制! 法官终于判了

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