Chinese soldiers are spotted loading their ships with BABY FORMULA

Daily Mail reports on 2019.6.07:

“So THAT’S why they were here! Chinese soldiers are spotted loading their ships with a truckload of highly sought-after BABY FORMULA during their five-day visit to Sydney
代购 … 这就是他们为什么在这里! 在为期五天的悉尼之行中,中国士兵被发现他们的船装满了一大堆备受追捧的婴儿奶粉

Three Chinese warships, packed with 700 sailors, made an unannounced visit to Sydney Harbour on Monday morning.


Australian baby formula has been a highly sought-after product in China over the last few years following a milk scandal there in 2008.”

人民子弟兵爱人民  解放军叔叔爱人民

  • 国内发展的太好了 … 军舰代购 威风凛凛
  • 搞副业
  • 小代购过海关还是个问题,大军舰谁敢查呀
  • unannounced visit … 能说是为奶粉偷袭雪梨港?
  • 厕所文学… 在晚饭 讲了这个 … 结果这帮🇺🇸人问:are mercenary 雇佣军?我曰“不是” … 想想 其实我也不知道. 而且我也不知道这家报纸/网站的可靠性 … 倒是觉得船很小 … 我感觉是船长决定去雪梨 … 然后他/她的船员抢购奶粉… 🇺🇸说 不可能。没有政府sanctions 命令 炮舰不可能进港 …

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