A Tale of Two Cities

Can we trust what a politician say, or are politicians all liars?

Dr. Henry Kissinger is world renowned American politician or top diplomat. In one of his memoirs (he wrote many!), he wrote that departing from a monochrome drabness, the stifling conformity Communist country (with the exception of China) always gave him an overwhelming sense of relief. The communist country in this paragraph referred to Hanoi.

I have never visited Hanoi but learned from books that she was founded in the year 1010; conquered by the French in 1873, and was the center for French Indochina from 1883 to 1945 and capital of Vietnam after 1946. Think of east meets the west, Hanoi is indeed colorful and diverse. Monochrome drabness and stifling conformity were definitely not the words to describe a city with over millennium of history and under the ruling of  the French.

Kissinger’s (1923 G) China/Beijing (the book was published in 1982), in fact, was monochrome drabness, the stifling conformity. I clearly remembered Mrs. Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) said of China, … unpleasant place governed by rather unpleasant people.

How was telling the truth? Sure different people have different opinions. But Kissinger’s portrait of China was a surprise to me, too good to be true.

1982. ‘单色的单调,令人窒息的一致性’ 这是描写一个亚洲共产国家
据基辛格说的这’单色 窒息’的国家/城市是河内
基老在开玩笑吗?河内可是过千年的都市. 而且被法国人占据过. 您觉得没骨气贱法会没有光绪会建造,会用色彩?

记得英国铁娘子撒切尔觉得中国是个 unpleasant place governed by rather unpleasant people 谷歌翻译: 不愉快的地方由相当不愉快的人管理.
当然他们虽然是同代欧洲人. 但是基爷是咱们的老朋友. 没看到现在都颤颤巍巍的,但是一声吆喝,还不是屁颠屁颠去北京上朝? 铁娘在北京的机遇就非常不幸.她去北京准备和一个弱者谈判. 结果咱们小老鹰的邓爷, 吊着二郎腿, 吐着青烟 “谈判?我是叫你来还我香港的.”
目测: 基爷就是一个大忽悠, 至少在这点上. 整个马屁精 … 意见观点还值得考虑吗?

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