The soldier Lin Biao 小卒林彪

Lin Biao callimrpahied this Long Live Chairman Mao as a gift to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, according to  Chinese posters – all posters in this post are from this site too.

The following four images, obviously were from different time: before Lin’s sudden death and after.

Still, there isn’t an official account as what and why Lin was fleeing China in 1971.

One of his famous quotes during the Cultural Revolution was, “理解的要执行, 不理解的也要执行” (execute it regardless you understand it or not)  I thought about this when I read a Wall Streeter said about his success is, “… because my agenda takes a back seat more times than not to the master plan whether I understand that or not.”

They sounded the same but one came from a Chinese revolutionary and one from a capitalist, two generations apart (one was born in 1907 and one in or about 1962). Who’s copying whom, or it’s a universal wisdom?

Being a good soldier is important. But to what degree? If the underline is following his or her boss or organization’s directive, how inventions/improvements/new ideas are born and implemented?

一个华尔街的 lifer (从一而终的人 … 好女不2嫁) 归功他的成功 “…  my plan takes a back seat than the master plan whether I understand that or not.” = 明不明白都听从党的指挥 (希望没有翻译错)

这令到我想起林副主席文革时说 “… 理解的要执行, 不理解的也要执行…” (希望没有理解错)

虽然是出自2代人的口, 但是普世价值没有变. 也许做个好卒的基本需要东西方的标准都是一样的. 但是另外想想, 如果都跟足照章办事的话, 我们还会有 谷歌 苹果 亚马逊?

戏想 还好, 毛主席没有太高瞻远瞩 向华尔街多看二眼. 不然 林副主席的罪状又多一条 = 我上学时又得多背一个词. 鼠目寸光, 对于一个小学生来说还是挺好的.

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