The steps I took to get my mammo report

What happened to Jim Clark’s WebMD since 1995?! With or without Mr. Clark, the medical industry is evolving, duh

I just went to take my annual exam of mammogram. The visible improvement came last year when my OBGY sent my prescription directly (I hope it’s electronic) to the radiology. In the past, IF I forgot to bring my referral/prescription, the radiology would make me wait while getting it from my OBGY – even I’ve been with this radiology for more than two decades.

Six days later, I got an email, saying I’ve message … you’ve got mail – a movie made in 1998. To get the message, I need to log into their website. And the long journey I have to take to get my report in PDF format:

  1. Today I got an email from the radiology, the subject line reads: You have received a secure message From NYU Langone Health.
    Never mind that I took the exam six days earlier, why can’t they send the report in the email?   
  2. I log in to their website but was unable to download a PDF.
  3. I call their office to ask why.
  4. the operator first transferred me to their tech department
  5. no one picks up … calling again, and am transferred to their billing department
  6. after giving info to verify my identity, the woman said, I have to sign a release form – “how could that be? I’ve been getting reports in the past … ” “new policy
  7. she emails me a pdf release form – but I am unable to sign off on it
  8. calling the 3rd time
  9. “You need to print it and sign and send it back to us.”
    wth!! I thought there shouldn’t be paper involved … save the tree and save our environment 
  10. the form arrived in my mail box, in a large envelope.
    She is considerate to enclose a postage paid envelope, thanks lord it’s small.
  11. I fill in the info where she highlighed in yellow – why ado they need to know the time I sign it?
    Is this info really relevant?
  12. go to the post office to mail it.

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