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In 2015 NPR has an episode Buy Low, Sell Prime: there is a cottage industry, buy from a physical store and sell it on Amazon.

You may ask, why doesn’t the physical store sell on Amazon itself? Well, the physical store wants you to shop at it store, not on Amazon.

I’ve been buying online for a long time and like it a lot. Today I just found one more reason to like online: receipt. Record. This Timerland boots I got in September but today one of the hooks just ran away. I called the store where I purchased, “sure … within 60 days … but you need receipt …” First of all, I don’t have a habit of keeping such receipt. Two, I couldn’t readily remember it was Sept 1st or 30th. P.S. By sheer of luck I found the old receipt in the shoebox – so I got a new pair.

At Whole Food Market, I made two purchases with the same credit card during a trip. When I wanted to return one, did I realize the receipt I kept was the wrong one. The store clerk said, sorry, no receipt no return. She didn’t even bother to look up with my cc. The story manager did look up. Guess what, their system has only one purchase, according to him. Does their system work at all???

If I shopped the above online, I won’t have this dilemma!

On the subject, I’ve no problem with online shopping at all, for all those years. Good for them. While I couldn’t foresee what the future holds, in terms of Amazon and online shopping, but the stores have to do better to compete. Why does Lord and Taylor close?

Bed, Bath & Beyond is one of my fave stores. I went there today and at check out, the lady said, “we changed our policy … you’ve 1 year to return.” I’m shocked. ONE year? Are they crazy?

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