Chinese tourists in Sweden

A family of three from China, adult son and his parents made a headline recently. They landed in Stockholm at 1 am and wanted to check in to the hostel that they booked for that day, which is 3 pm check in time. Reportedly it’s the Generator Hostels and it’s fully booked. The son and parents wanted to sleep in the lobby of the hostel. When they were told to leave, they began to make noise … and police was called …. From the video, the son fall to the ground himself. … just an ugly incident that could have been totally avoided by booking for the night of arrival. Certainly no hotel is going to let you check in without paying.

Here are some reportage by a Swedish siteGlobal Times, Sputnik news环球时报: 有些人不谴责瑞典警方的粗暴 却先自我反思; 撒泼都是到华山派,从来没有上黑木崖打滚的; 瑞典事件, 你看到的是反转, 我看到的是幕后操纵 and  SCMP.

(On the  SCMP post, there are two links regarding Chinese tourists: Chinese tourists apologise after being publicly-shamed; ‘Please just go’: thumbs down after Chinese tourists asked to leave Osaka restaurant.)

Interestingly, another case made the round in China right now, a lawyer’s rant on two young men who refused to swap seats on a rail in China with him: 知名律师火车换铺被拒:”对不起,善良不是我的义务”.

Looking over the comments on the Chinese social media, the shaming of the family of three in Sweden and the lawyer are overwhelming, which is a progress and good sign.

Watching the video of the mother sitting on the ground, outside of the hotel, howling, reminds me a conversation I had in Beijing in the 1970s. I was a teenager and getting ¥12 a month from my dad, which wasn’t enough… one of my relatives told me, “go to your mom’s danwei, ask them for money …” 看看我的破衣服 可怜可怜我 Yes I was in poverty but ‘pity me’ and begging, was and is something I couldn’t do.


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