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Don’t buy from them: terrible service and garbage products. I saw their ad in FaceBook on May 6, and liked this dress. Then, I purchased 3 more. They offered 5% for first timer but there’s not a code available. So I contacted them immediately after placing my order. They got back to me a day or two later: glad to give me the code for next purchase.
Who said I’ll buy from them again?
I wrote to them, “if you’re not willing to honor, pls cancel my order.”
A week or two later, they wrote again: one of the pieces is ready and they’ll ship that and cancel the remaining 3.
“No, cancel the entire order.” I replied firmly and immediately.
A couple of weeks later I got two packages from them. I disputed through my credit card. It dragged on … till I saw the two packages again. These are what they advertised on their web site and the second row is what I received.


  1. dress: no complaine although the fabric doesn’t feel like cotton linen – very hot!
  2. Band Collar top: thin and soft but very itchy/stinging (size is bit small)
  3. Losse dress: wrong color and the material seems wrong – knit
  4. White top: it states cotton but filmy, like a hospital gown.

Overall, $75 for them but I think you can get some better products by shopping in the USA. They could offer such low price, cheap shipping is one part of the equation.


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