Court v Robbery

The more I think about the Chinese art heists reported in GQ the more I think about Gustav Klimt’s painting Women in Gold (a movie of the same name … in 2015). I feel uneasy and wonder why did Chinese (I assume they’re Chinese …) choose to go through this route to gain back what was plundered from China in the 19th century?
Essentially, it’s lawfulness v. unlawfulness.

Do they not have the confidence in the legal system? Sounds a little uncouth.

Why can’t the Chinese take the high road, though the court of law, to get back what was rightfully theirs? With their economic might, the chance of success is great.

我对GQ中报道的中国艺术品抢劫,想到 Gustav Klimt 的绘画“黄金女人”(2015年的同名电影。这幅画的收复是通过法律解决的)。 想知道为什么中国人(我认为他们是中国人……)选择打砸抢劫这条路线去收回19世纪从中国掠夺走的东西?

从本质上讲,这是合法与非法。他们对法律制度没有信心吗?弃阳关大道 专行阴暗的独木桥?

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