GQ, popular vs interesting

The August issue of GQ has a few good articles but I didn’t read till this past weekend.

The cover of the issue is the least interesting but can’t argue with the popular culture … if there is a such thing. Does skin deep refer to popular culture?

Lee’s movie BlackkKlansman is also written up by Vanity Fair Sepember issue. I enjoyed the movie.

GQ Aug issue has some interesting stories 1⃣️2⃣️3⃣️ 是这期里的好文章 4⃣️封面 无语😓 有误导嫌疑 [ThumbsDown].
1⃣️是讲自从2010 年以来,欧洲博物馆里的中国19世纪掠夺去的展品频频被盗. 这些专业小偷 干净俐落 不碰更有价值的展品 … 你觉得是中国ZF在指使 还是民间自发的行动?
2009年 一个中国代表团来纽约大都会 … 博物馆的人紧张到找了个中国律师声明“大都会没有掠夺来的展品.” [Grin][Grin]

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