A benefit of a credit card

This is the first time that I dropped my phone, starting from the flipped Nokia. Crying over it, I remembered remotely that one of my credit card offers some sort of protection benefit. So, I hesitated called Uber visa, and sure they do. The nice Uber guy gave me a phone to call to stage my claim. All has gone well … but when I began to file online, I ran into this problem: the month of August is NOT available on their site. And today is August 23.

Oh well.

喜欢没有套的爱疯 – 精致, 薄薄的. 极少几次不戴套 结果就掉地上了 然后就没有然后了.
第一次摔烂手机. 以为修个荧光幕 结果要买个新的.
心灵鸡汤: 虽然丑笨 但是戴套很重要

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