The Eagles and the Wynners

This is a long story but I’ll make it short. Both are bands, one in USA and one in Hong Kong. Glenn Frey was the lead vocal for the Eagles who had passed away in 2016. Alan Tam and Kenny Bee are the most well known band members of Wynners (溫拿). According to wiki, Alan launched a total of 115 solo albums and has sold over 35 million records worldwide – here they’re singing Eagles’ New Kid in Town in 1977. I think Tam’s worldwide might be a little overstated but given the fact that Chinese are everywhere, so I’ll leave at it.

There’s war between the fans of Leslie Cheung and Tam. I much prefered Cheung than Tam, bec Cheung showed his true color – this BBC report in 2018, showed Cheung, although died – he committed sucided in 2003 is till the star; while Tam is superficial – won’t even admit that he’s married in fear of offend his female fans. How foolish. And his wife played along. Foolish.


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