MSFT’s Word is terrible …

Microsoft Word has been a hell for me lately. One of the complains are, there isn’t a way to hide Endnotes… They don’t have this feature. Might be in the future. Keep my fingers crossed.

And the biggest headache is, the auto correct and correct as I’m typing aren’t working. Numerous troubleshooting techs had helped. when that failed, they referred me to the 2nd level. When the second level failed, they referred my case to the 3rd level or research team. First, the research team didn’t call as scheduled. Then as with the troubleshooters, they told me, the auto-correction feature only works when I ADD the misspelled words to the list. Hello??? REALLY??? Really? I have never ever added a single word to the list, how did it work before?

And the autosave is only available when you’re using their cloud OneDrive. I was using the OneDrive but got this warning. For safety, I switched to the hard drive, without autosave.

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