The 700 million question

Recently an expose of cheating on income tax is a hot topic in China. An ex CCTV host felt insulted for an old movie (Mobile?) and the upcoming sequel Mobile 2.  So he strikes back by showing the actress’ two contacts, one for income purpose and the second one, which is far larger in amount, is under the table…

How large is the amount? ¥10 million on the table and ¥60 million under the table.

And the host said he has a drawer full of such contracts. One of them amounts to ¥710 million for a husband and wife team.

What I want to know, which no one has talked about so far, is the $100 million question – how the payor justifies his, paying someone that kind of money under the table? … Oh sorry my $100 million is eaten by my dog. You think the IRS or any tax authority would believe that?

Just happened, I saw Adrife tonight. Huayi Bro., which is the involved in this tax scandal is one of the production companies. Actually, I’ve seen Huayi as the production company rather often lately.

这几天7亿的问题红红火火 … 但是没有一个人说起付这些明星钱的人 她/他自己怎么和税务局交代呀?… 难道 “我的7亿人民币被狗吃了…”
俺数学不好,希望谷歌没有忽悠俺 [捂脸]

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