Do you have a radio at home?

Saturdays 7-8pm, the FM 96.3 would air From the Top, a features performances by soloists or ensembles ages 9-18 taped before a live audience in halls and centers across the country, combined with interviews, pre-produced features, and radio sketches. The host, acclaimed concert pianist Christopher O’Riley – who often also acts as accompanist – engages the young guests in discussions of their feelings and thoughts on the music they perform, as well as about their families, schools and non-musical lives.

It’s a marvelous program that I enjoy and look forward to – while driving. Today after dropping Pumpkin off, I came home and the 12 years old pianist Tiffany was playing the French composer Achille-Claude Debussy’s Moonlight. I first waited in the car, wanting to finish listening, then decided to run into the house for the rest .. .. did I realize I don’t know which machine actually has a radio. … finally I found a portable CD/Radio/Cassette player .. .. didn’t know how to change the setting to 96.3. ggggrrrrrrrrr.. I’m mad.
So I tried to make King playing it but he doesn’t know where the book is ..
So I tried to look for the CD but can’t find it..
So I went on youtube .. here it is .. I like this player’s hands ..

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