The best hookers in the world

SPIEF2018 me too in St Petersburg .. the signs of backwardness. Very few women and Christine Lagarde realized that she’s the only woman. But there are plenty women who dressed identically, from hairdo to earrings. Wondering how many of them are spies and hooker? Putin told Trump that “we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world.” What are you waiting for? Head over there …

落后的迹象… 国内大城市的餐馆开始禁烟了 但是有些地方还是差 – 饭后点上一根烟. 不仅烟雾缭绕讨厌 简直就是一股发嗅落后的味道.
SPIEF2018 in St Petersburg 小普 me too 在圣彼得堡召开经济会议 没有邀请很多女汉子 但是女服务员特别多 连发型耳环都一致… 会有多少间谍和小姐呀?[Grin] 今年四月一份FBI 文件说 小普告诉床铺 他家🇷🇺的妓女是世界上最好的! 链

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