Carnation 康乃馨

For a while I liked this kind of flower very much. Buying nothing but carnation.
But then for reason unclear, I moved on, finding elegance and beauty in orchid, Tulips, and calla lily.

Sometimes, I’d recall an encounter that involved carnation.

One day I parked on the side of Roosevelt Avenue between Prince and College Point in Flushing. An India man approached me, posing as a fortune teller. He ranted off a string of facts, turned out to be true. To cap it off, he said that my favored flower is carnation. Then he proceeded to show me a photo of Indian kids in desperation, asking for a donation. I gave him $50.

From a car license plate, you probably can get many facts. But the flower part? I didn’t tell him that I no longer liked it.

The deeper color looks nice, isn’t?

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