The law of God is above any human law

It is so wrong. It is so untrue. It is so out of dated. It will be out dated, soon.

Let the nature takes it own course and the evolution is the way.

I really don’t know anything about religion since we, or I was born a heathen. Chairman Mao deemed religions as one of the oldies that he didn’t like, hence we didn’t know much about it. Please don’t pity me or feel sorry for me. My life’s filled with all sort of things and obligations that left me no time, I meant no time at all to be idle, remotely needing someone else’s comfort although constructive advise is always welcomed.

My strong disdain against religion, of any kind, is not so much of against it rather than against obsolete. All the religions are created long before computers were part of our lives and men had reached the moon. But if some of that teachings fit with confines of modern society, then it deserves a place in our society. Otherwise pls .. excuse yourself.. My blood was boiling or curdling when I read the Amid Abuse in Brazil, Abortion Debate Flares.

The under aged girls being raped in Brazil and needing abortions are rampant, and recently Brazil is riled by the case of a 9-year-old girl who aborted twins this month after claiming her stepfather raped her, her ordeal was an all too familiar one at the clinic in that country.

The article went on to describe how a Brazilian archbishop and, well, the Vatican reacted ..

The doctors’ actions set off a swirl of controversy. A Brazilian archbishop summarily excommunicated everyone involved — the doctors for performing the abortion and the girl’s mother for allowing it — except for the stepfather, who stands accused of raping the girl over a number of years.
“The law of God is above any human law,” said José Cardoso Sobrinho, the archbishop, who argued that while rape was bad, abortion was even worse.

The storm intensified when a high-ranking Vatican official supported the excommunications.

9 years old and for number of years !!!! This man should be castrated if not eradicated, the cichlids in my fish tank are smarter and more humane than this animal. I failed to see any reason, and the human compassion and decency in this Brazilian archbishop’s reaction.

I happened to be the one who thinks abortion is every single woman’s right, a private right, a right you are born with it. Why it has to be dragged on to the national political stage is beyond me. A bedroom issue should remain in the bedroom.

On the other hand, the Vatican officials are more or less the males who had no partners. Just to think for a minute that your entire life is refrained and forbid from any human intimacy, would you be able to come to a balanced judgment?

Chicago’s Roman Catholic Church has paid $12.6 million to settle 16 sexual abuse
California Church May Pay $1.5 Billion to Settle Claims
More than 540 child molestation claims against the Catholic diocese that includes Ventura County could be settled before summer at a cost as high as $1.6 billion.

If the celibacy is so holy, why are they doling out billions here and million there – that’s more than a pocket change don’t you agree? – to settle sexual scandals?

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