The red wine of the moment

Daily Mail gossips on the $22 wine Mnuchin brought Jared Kushner: a taste for budget booze! Steve Mnuchin dresses down to visit Jared Kushner and takes along a $22 bottle of wine – despite being worth $300 million. Well, actually, the general consent rates the 2013 vintage a little higher.

On the 2015 Arbalest Bordeaux Blend, another report goes,

The wine getting all the attention is the Arbalest 2015 Bordeaux Blend, a merlot-heavy blend made by winemaker Benoit Touquette. Touquette has consulted for many Napa wineries, including Screaming Eagle and Ovid, and actually makes wine in the Napa Valley for Realm Cellars, Hartwell and Kata. But this one is a product of France, which is why the price is reasonable.
And if you’re curious: An arbalest is a late version of the crossbow used in Europe during the 12th century.

Chinese is lighted up by the story too: 美國財政部長米努勤身價5億美元300 mil only,日前到川普女婿庫許納家作客,只帶一瓶22美元的紅酒作伴手禮。過程被媒體拍攝,兩人在玄關互擁寒喧,紅酒品牌也被放大檢視,引起海內外華人熱議。到底這是「寒酸」、惺惺作態,或美國人真的平實,「官箴」比中國官場嚴格,不妨來看看。
這件小事其實反映了大事。原來中美文化差距這麼大,官場、民間價值觀和做法南轅北轍。有人嘲笑美國文化「帶著土氣」,不夠氣派豪華。米努勤是華爾街大亨出身,有5億財產的人去川普女兒、女婿家作客,這麼好的「拉關係」機會,竟用2015年的 Arbalest Red Bordeaux Blend紅酒打發,太寒酸了。

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