Is this a robbery or what?

I ran a red light. Here is the notice (issued two months later …):

  1. $50 fine
  2. $45 driver responsibility fee
  3. $55 public safety fee
  4. I just need your cash???

There is something fishy – Nassau County TPVA Red Light Camera: the timing of the yellow lights have different timing, which I think, favors the government to ticket us. I have trouble to remember which traffic light has longer yellow time.

When I look at the fine, I thought, holly molly, are they robbing in board daylight or what? Again, when choose to pay online, a convenient fee is accessed: $6 for paying with a check and $6 for paying with a credit card – it’s cheap by mail in a check, which is probably keep many people at their jobs, which can be easily and more effectively replaced by automation.


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