Race & discrimination

I have been saying that White male Americans need some sort of affirmative action protection to survive. And I mean it.

Recent the events, from the Charlottesville VA protest two weekends ago, on 08.12, to down with the statues, it’s tough to be a white American male. I’ve heard, at least, one tv anchor man mentioned China’s Cultural Revolution. OML.

Then there is “I wish Trump is assassinated” by a black senator. I didn’t read her Facebook post but saw her on tv to say that she is NOT regreat the comment and would not apologize for it. I am just wondering, what IF, the comment is made by a white senator or a white person toward Barack Obama? By the way, Obama is half only half black. Why no one is mentioning that he’s half white? Doesn’t his half whiteness matter?

The assassination plot is fermenting over the days:

  1. 08.21, resigned under pressure?
  2. 08.20, Amid calls for her resignation, a Democratic state senator in Missouri on Sunday said she made a mistake
  3. 08.19: She would later explain that she didn’t actually wish harm to come to Trump but wrote it out of frustration
  4. 08.18, Chappelle-Nadal later explained that she didn’t actually wish harm to come to Trump but wrote it out of frustration.
  5. 08.17, A Democratic Missouri state senator is … posting – and then removing – a Facebook comment saying she wished President Donald Trump would be assassinated

What was she thinking to post that comment, as an elected official? I don’t think voters want to see an air head, a hot head …

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