A Douglas MacArthur for Mideast

I know this is crazy but I’ve been thinking, Japan was a war torn country when Douglas MacArthur arrived. There was no Japanese refugees fleeing and in a short time, Japan got on her feet and so became a power again. So shouldn’t we look for a Douglas MacArthurs for the Mideast? If an American could do for Japan, isn’t another American can do for the Mideast?

Another thought: how many refugees has China, as second economy, taken in as of now? Why not?

有件事想不通,需要开导:Douglas MacArthur 带着小日本奔上了小康之路 (战败国;2枚原子弹… 但是没有难民…)现在中东是不是需要几个麦将军?如果说日本在二战前已经是个开化的国家,那么 发达国家应不应该去指手画脚,或者干预 不发达的国家?不可以让他们继续生活在自己享受的“黑暗时代”?

另外 中国,第二大经济国,收留了多少中东的难民?

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