On sale the Chinese way – the bbq sauce

As an after thought I picked up a large can (26 oz) of B. H. Bullhead Barbecue Sauce, which cost $7.99 during my grocery shopping at J Mart in Flushing. Before I hit the cashier I saw this Special display that the same brand sells for $5.99 from $7.99. Often the case, the Chinese grocers think they’re above the law or no need to obey the law, display the sale price but charge you high price. I asked the cashier specifically how much does this can coat.
“$7.99” she replied.
“But the sign says $5.99.” I showed her the picture I took.
“Oh, that’s for smaller size.” She was pretty quick.
The smaller size (8.5 oz) never retails for $7.99, at least in the grocery stores in Flushing. Although the sign doesn’t indicate the size, but the price matches the large size. She charged me $7.99. According to Consumer Reports, the NY State law says, “Businesses that intentionally post false prices or that otherwise engage in bait-and-switch pricing can be liable under federal and state consumer-protection statutes.”

On Sunday I shopped at Sky Foods @ SkyView Center on College Point/Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, one of the rices was on sale for $19.99. I casually asked which one, the cashier said, “it’s sold out.”
“May I get a rain check?”
The cashier looked at me as if I’ve double heads. The law: the Federal Retail Food Store Rule requires grocers to provide rain checks on advertised items or to substitute an equivalent product.

The Chinese grocers do this all the time: either out of stock or they don’t honor the sales prices they posted.


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