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Almost three years to the date, the South Korean ship Sewol sunk. Passengers were mostly a secondary school kids and they called and sent text messages to their parents and loved ones. I watched the news with my heart bleeding: how did the parents of the students survive such tragedy: it happened on a clear morning and the ship was only 2.7 kilometres (1.7 mi) from land. As a swimmer, I thought, gosh, just jump and swim! Wikipedia has a very detailed record of the sinking of MV Sewol.

Recently, South Korean president Park Geun-hye was impeached on March 10, 2017. Today a Chinese blog post links Park to the incident, claiming why Koreans hate her so much, which made me to check out the wiki article. This much is for sure:

  • 476 people on board, 304 died.
  • Among the 172 rescued were ship captain, 14 crew members and the vice principal of Danwon High School


As I’m reading the recount of the incident, I thought about white haired sea captain played by Bernard Hill in Titanic: as the water rushed in, he stood firm, and the band that played on as the ship was sinking. I also thought of pilot Chesley Sullenberger who landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River on January 15, 2009: he was the last one to exit the Airbus.

Is this my prejudice or I’m onto something that’s real: that Asians are just sub-par?

All photos are from internet.

三年前的四月十五号,韩国船只世越號沈沒. 乘客大多是学生.  翻船的早晨天气晴,离地面只有2.7公里(1.7英里)。孩子们发出的电话和短信 … 看到这个新闻时我的心脏在滴血:学生父母们是怎么忍受这种煎熬?作为一名游泳爱好者, 我想,天哪,只要跳进水里,游泳吧! 英文的维基百科有非常详细的记录.

最近,韩国总统朴荣惠在2017年3月10日被弹劾. 今天一个中文博客写道 304具学生尸体 … 韩国人为什么这么恨她.
这让我重温维基文章. 这几点是可以肯定的:
获救的172人中 有船长,14名船员,及丹原高中副校长

我一边看一边想 … 我想到了泰坦尼克号的伯纳德·希尔(Benard Hill)所扮演的白头发的船长,当水冲进来时,他还稳稳的站在他的岗位上; 当船向下沉没时, 那个乐队还在演奏。 我还想到了机长 Chesley Sullenberger,2009年1月15日 他在美国航空1549号航班 紧急降落在哈德逊河上: 他是最后一个离开机舱的人.

这是我的偏见 还是次货 (算过分吗)? 俺们亚洲人怎么啦??


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